Jumbo Orange Pointer






three films

in collaboration with Beau W Beakhouse, responding to canals, countryside, colonialism, food, futures and deep time.

developed during an artists’ residency with Peak Cymru for Hinterlands, supported by Arts Council of Wales and the Canal and River Trust.  watch here.



a multi-disciplinary research and development project encompassing themes of returning, post-coloniality, dreaming true, telepathic communion, ancestral theories, intergenerational trauma, and weaving.

return etc.

text, performance, sound piece

process based text experiment which involves continually re-reading, extracting and reconstructing Hélène Cixous’ book Philippines, to approach the text through dialogue.

extracts performed at Where I’m Coming From, Radio Platfform / Wales Millenium Centre, and for Wales Arts Review’s Digithon festival.

tiny bubbles in the wine

artist moving image, text

association-based writing and collaged film exploring how trauma is told through Filipino traditions of oral history and secrets. the film explores how repetition of ‘signs’ can unlock the untold - through intuitive links between the mother’s story, cultural traditions and David Medalla’s Cloud Canyons.

exhibited at SHIFT and g39. watch at HOAX.

to make philippines

long form text

written through a process of constraint in which the next section can only be written once it has been dreamed - in lieu of a tradition rooted in certain islands of the Philippines.

‘To Make Philippines is an evocation; a journey through associations that flits between the intertwined memories of three generations. In this surreal autofictive work, loose threads are left for the narrator to follow, as she weaves together stories told and secrets revealed by her mother and lola in order to connect with her distant Filipino heritage.

Beginning with the adoption of a shared name, Pineda, passageways begin to emerge. From here, we traverses dreams, collective trauma and reverie in a mystical montage that always returns. Spanning themes of migration, seperation, semiotics, oral histories and traditions, To Make Philippines is a communion across generations.’ 

supported by Literature Wales’ New Writers Mentoring and Bursary 2020


artist moving image, wood craft, performance, installation

with Beau W Beakhouse, Radha Patel and Zain Amir. Supported by Arts Council of Wales.



html web experiment, highbalcony.com

web experiment in collaboration with Beau W Beakhouse. a playground and test site for html/css design, webpage-based art works, collaborative online practice, and hypertext. 


july 2019

residency, performance, curation, prints, artist intervention

the WARP Library dialogue was an arts symposium as part of a library residency at g39, considering the importance of archives and the implications of the self-defined ‘artist resource’ in terms of access. from lost libraries in Iraq, to imagined planets undergoing colonialism, 5 artists ( Sarah Younan, Rabab Ghazoul, Adeola Dewis, Radha Patel, Beau W Beakhouse) each presented their thoughts that were situated in dialogue with the space itself.

prints (designed using pixel-archiving and categorising software) were left in the library to become part of the collection, and a web resource was also created - applying R. S. Ranganathan’s Library Laws to the artist resource, which can be accessed on high balcony com.

the residency was the basis for the paper ‘Dis/Establishing the Archive’, presented at the Archiving Gender symposium at Cardiff University.

WARP library residency supported by g39


arts writing, found object, artist intervention

a series of marketing bulletins devolved into arts writing about digital communication. a jar of haldi, left in the WARP Library space as a ‘signal of someone having been there before you’, a welcoming to cross over thresholds of an institutional space.