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july 2019

residency, performance, curation, prints, artist intervention

the WARP Library dialogue was an arts symposium as part of a library residency at g39, considering the importance of archives and the implications of the self-defined ‘artist resource’ in terms of access. from lost libraries in Iraq, to imagined planets undergoing colonialism, 5 artists ( Sarah Younan, Rabab Ghazoul, Adeola Dewis, Radha Patel, Beau W Beakhouse) each presented their thoughts that were situated in dialogue with the space itself.

prints (designed using pixel-archiving and categorising software) were left in the library to become part of the collection, and a web resource was also created - applying R. S. Ranganathan’s Library Laws to the artist resource, which can be accessed on high balcony com.

the residency was the basis for the paper ‘Dis/Establishing the Archive’, presented at the Archiving Gender symposium at Cardiff University.

WARP library residency supported by g39


arts writing, found object, artist intervention

a series of marketing bulletins devolved into arts writing about digital communication. a jar of haldi, left in the WARP Library space as a ‘signal of someone having been there before you’, a welcoming to cross over thresholds of an institutional space.