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Enshrinement: as a process & as an act of devotion & as materialisation, a need or desire for visceral moments in concrete forms; & these concrete forms as useless, meaningless, beautiful symbols - ultimately, emphatically worthless --


installation; photographs, pen sketch, photocopies, fridge door

the installation explored the notion of reproduction, not just as a process of recreation but a process of renewal; of imbuing the new with the energy of the old. based on a series of 35mm photographs taken in 2017/18 coincidentally reproducing found photocopies made in 2013, the work seeks to define this as an act of ‘enshrinement’; that, latent energy held in an image of a real occurance can be released if we ‘enshrine’ it, give energy back to it, undergo a process of care and openess. 

exhibited at Lomography, Arcade/Campfa (Three Doors Up), 2018


photocopied pamphlet, hand stitched, white thread

Enshrinement by Sadia Pineda Hameed is a xerox pamphlet on the process of enshrinement -- the reproduction and impressionist capturing of photography & the way to release the latent, visceral energy it holds RE: Allen Ginsberg's fridge.

pamphlet published by LUMIN, 2018