b. 1995, London
Living in Cardiff, Wales

Sadia Pineda Hameed is a Filipino/ Pakistani artist and writer based in Cardiff. She works in film, installation, text and performance to explore collective and inherited trauma; in particular, the latent ways we speak about this through dreaming, telepathic communion and secrets as an anti-colonial strategy inherent to us. Her practice is led by semiotic and associative journeying, and a trust in the intuitive process.

She often works with Beau W Beakhouse ( as a collaborative duo based in Cardiff, Wales, whose practice dramatises, reconstructs and reenacts autonomous and alternate futures. their work often takes the form of speculation, resistance and site-building at the intersection of performance and installation. In particular they continuously engage with text and the archive, undoing and disassembling relationships between language and colonialism; and unfolding processes of decay and disassembly as alternatives to western models of preservation. They look to revivification, working against the static categories of institutional models. Together they are on the Freelands Fellowship 2022-4, and run collective, small press and radio project LUMIN (


Freelands Fellowship 2022-4
The Arts Foundation Futures Award longlist 2022
Paul Hamlyn Award for Visual Artists recipient 2021
Literature Wales New Writers Bursary and Mentoring recipient 2020
Rising Star Wales Award 2020


forthcoming, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

‘(misunderstanding), (accomodation), (performance), (loss)’, Brent Biennial 2022, In the House of my Love, in partnership with Build Hollywood and Studio Voltaire. Produced by Metroland Cultures

‘it resonates like spalting wood’ with Beau W Beakhouse, Arcade/Campfa

‘Song of My Life’, Bluecoat Liverpool

‘Local 37’ with Beau W Beakhouse, MOSTYN

‘tiny bubbles in the wine’, HOAX


forthcoming, Freelands Space, London
forthcoming, g39, London

Thinking Green, Glynn Vivian, Swansea

I Watched in Amazement, curated by HOAX, The Mosaic Rooms, London

The Mobile Feminist Library: In Words, In Action, In Connection, MOSTYN, Llandudno

Jerwood UNITe open studios, g39, Cardiff


(un)seen (un)heard, National Museum Cardiff

Made in Roath Open, g39

A New Mecca, Gentle/Radical, Cardiff

Analogue, Three Doors Up (Arcade/Campfa)


residency at The Museum of Applied Arts (Poznan National Museum), Poznan

Platfform, Peak Cymru, Abergavenny

Unidee, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella

Tangent Projects, Barcelona

Jerwood UNITe, g39, Cardiff

Catalyst Arts Spring Online Residency, Belfast


Hinterlands, Peak Cymru

Hunan-Iaith poetry and translation residency, Where I’m Coming From and Y Stamp, supported by Literature Wales

WARP Library Residency, g39, Cardiff

Ty Newydd Emerging Writers, funded by Literature Wales and Wales Arts Review

Curatorial Residency, SHIFT, Cardiff

LUMIN Library residency, Three Doors Up (Arcade/Campfa), Cardiff


forthcoming with Jerwood Staging Series, Jerwood Space, London

‘Borrow Tomorrow’, The Mosaic Rooms, London

‘PAMPHLET BOMB’, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

‘speculation’, Jerwood UNITe open studios, g39, Cardiff


‘return etc’, Digithon Festival, arts headliner, Wales Arts Review, online


featured poet, Where I’m Coming From, g39, Cardiff

‘Bearing Witness to Truth’, National Museum Cardiff and Artes Mundi, Cardiff

‘The Crypt’, Gentle/Radical’s A New Mecca, The Temple of Peace, Cardiff

‘Decolonising Heritage’ with Gentle/Radical, Bay Arts, Cardiff, commissioned by the Eisteddfod & the National Trust

featured poet, Porridge, Theatre Deli, London

featured poet, Women & War: An Un-silencing, commissioned by Gentle/Radical, The Open University and Festival of Voice


HON: Women Artists in Wales, H’mm Arts Foundation Press

UTYPIA, Oriel Davies Gallery


Merched yn Gwneud Celf zine, Eisteddfod

feature in ‘Welsh experimental writers’ article, Poetry Wales 57.1 Summer 2021

DOUBLE, Takeaway #9

Imagining Internationally Connected Practice (consulting artist), Arts Council Wales


Undefining the Artist, Wales Arts Review

‘Dismantling Structural Inequality in Your Cinema’, BFI

LOVE Magazine, Love Diaries vol. 1

‘After ‘Evening’, Kurt Schwitters’, ZARF #14

‘Tortang Tolang’, Porridge Magazine: Comfort Foods

‘Site Ruin’, Amberflora Issue 6

interview, Wide Vicinity

Save Our Sculpture’, Wales Arts Review

‘Enshrinement’, LUMIN

‘For you, after a film’, Porridge Magazine Issue 1

'To (Un)speak Madness re: Derrida, Foucault, Artaud', LUMIN Journal 1


forthcoming, ESEA artists in Wales roundtable

visiting artist, Cardiff Metropolitan - Fine Arts

HerStories // Shelf Life, Iniva

Dismantling Structural Inequality In Your Cinema Talk, Glasgow Film Festival (2021), This Way Up Festival (2020)

Women in Publishing Symposium panelist at Bangor University

guest critic, BBC Radio Wales’ Arts Review Show

interview, Wide Vicinity

‘Dis/establishing the archive’, Archiving Gender symposium paper presentation, Cardiff University

Gentle/Radical’s Imagination Forum #4, symposium at Sustainable Studios, Cardiff



2021. text, digital interactive space

with Beau W Beakhouse. produced during the Catalyst Arts Spring residency.

Catalyst Arts, Belfast (remote)

10-31 May 2021

‘the system of interspecies communication: all are systems of mourning' - Paul B. Preciado, An Apartment on Uranus

The decay of contemporary digital archives, in which connections break down and decompose, posits a new experimental form of ‘preservation’. Artists Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed explore alternatives to the hegemonic, colonial history of archives conceived as centres of power, instead forming linkages that are personal, fragile or unfinished. This decomposing digital space will be shaped by and through research, text art and essay, to form relational and associative pathways.

‘The archive is a house, and like most old houses, it grows mold.’

The site was an intuitive and associative archive of research around decay, positing a new experimental form of ‘preservation’. the site formed links that were personal, fragile or unfinished through weblogs as well as an online, public chat function.

The site updated with new blogposts weekly, and scattered the archival work gathered during the residency across the web, revivifying defunct, forgotten and open resource spaces of information.